Asus RoG Swift PG348Q

We have here the RoG Swift PG348Q from Asus. It’s a 34″ ultrawide monitor with native screen resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. A standard 60hz refresh rate but can be overclocked to a 100hz using a display port for more fluidity especially in a fast paced game. It is also a curved display with an IPS panel that allows you to view pictures and videos with sharp and lively colors. And most of all, it is also GSYNC ready, allowing you to play games without worrying stutter and screen tearing during game play as long as your GPU can handle the resolution and the requirements for GSYNC to work.


This monitor weighs a lot. With almost 16kg, you will surely be put to a test carrying this home from your favorite PC shop. But with all the heaviness, it sure brings a lot quality works from box itself down to the its packing inside. It better be as it also comes with a heft price tag. All the stuff that comes with it have a premium brand feeling. The monitor’s neck and stand heavy enough to conclude that it will surely be sturdy once you pop those into the monitor. Take a closer look on what’s inside the box:


It comes with manual, a disc containing driver, display port, hdmi cable, power cable and its adaptor and cover for the ports located at the back of the monitor.

This is the neck brace sort of thing. It connects the monitor and the 3 legged stand together. This is also where the RoG logo lights up. Unfortunately, I haven’t tested it yet as I prefer the minimalist approach. But here’s what it looks like when it lights up (credit to the owner of the picture:

RoG Light.jpg

Above pictures are the base stand. It measures about 21″ wide and 10.5″ in depth. It also adds 5.5″ height when connected on the screen.


A close up picture of the monitor’s port cables for HDMI and Display Port. Alongside with it are the four 3.0 USB port and 1 port for upstream. Far flank on the right side (didn’t caputre it) are the 3.5mm headphone jack and the port for power cable.


Next is the OSD buttons where you can adjust the colors and brightness to your liking. This is also where you can overclock the monitor’s refresh rate from 60hz to 100hz. The monitor also has a built in FPS counter and a crosshair. I just turned these thing off as I much prefer the in game crosshair and as for the FPS counter, I still prefer using the MSI’s Afterburner.

Aside from being a gaming monitor, the Asus RoG Swift PG348Q Ultrawide Monitor is also top notch on the productivity side. With its 21:9 aspect ratio and 3,800R curvature and being an ultrawide monitor itself, it offers a wide canvass not just for gaming, but also for productivity. In a Word file, you can simultaneously view 3 pages.

Word Sample UW

Photoshop Wide.jpg

Above is a screenshot of Adobe Photoshop CS6 on ultrawide. Though it is hard to appreciate by just looking at the screenshots, but in actual, the ultrawide screen offers a ton of help.

When it comes to gaming monitor, there are many brands to choose from. With different specs to check out, different sizes and different prices too. Asus remains as one of the top makers of gaming display in the market. From the basic end-user point up to the enthusiast level, the Asus RoG give your hard earned money nothing but pure awesomeness and satisfaction once you start using it for all the task you’re doing. Whether be it for gaming or by just simply editing documents, the PG348Q surely does the job.


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