Overwatch (PC)


A fast paced first person shooter designed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Its visual content alongside with fun and highly addictive gameplay makes Overwatch as one of the best FPS game available today. Not to mention that the award it garnered last year, Game Of The Year. Game is pure online access. Meaning, a stable internet connection is needed to play the game. It is a 6v6 multiplayer, objective-based shooter and has 15 maps with a particular game mode on it.



Character selection provides you a wide variety of choices. With 24 characters, each hero has its own unique set of abilities to conquer the battlefield. Depending on your game and style, each hero will bring out the best of you while having fun. Heroes are divided into four classifications. Offense (For fire power), Defense (Well.. to provide defense), Tank (Heroes with large chunk of HP) and Support (Healers to keep you alive!). A team cannot have more than one of the same character during game but can switch a different here anytime.



Overwatch features several different maps with particular game mode on it. All are well designed and balanced for both teams to achieve the game’s objective. While in combat, you’ll never get the feeling of being lost as all maps are well-tailored and allows you to flank or set up some counter defense. Each 15 maps support different game mode while appearing randomly whenever you play on quick match.


Details on it are jaw dropping and will make you explore a bit of every places you can find on map just to capture those stunning graphics.


These are the minimum and recommended specifications to run Overwatch on PC:

OW SysReq.jpg


Overwatch is highly addictive and yet seriously fun competitive game. It gives you a quick-fix adrenaline hit after a long and tiring day. Aside from the Quick Play, there are also other options to choose from the game such as Arcade Mode or Competitive Play. All these provides the same amount of fun and definitely you’ll be coming back for more action. I highly recommend this game to every gamer especially who loves FPS and some multiplayer action.

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