A Gamer’s Life: Juggling On Two Different Platforms

Being a gamer is sometimes a very expensive hobby. With all those new and updated technology always looming over the horizon, sometimes, the word satisfaction and contentment is at times not applicable. There’s this urge in you that you want to try the latest, updated hardware, new games and all either for bragging rights or you want to taste and feel what is new in the market. Well, lets put that a side and focus more on these two.

Monoblock Party Edited

Gaming on different platform, I must say, it’s a privileged and the same time pocket-hurting kind of thing. You get the best of both worlds but it also comes with a hefty price tag. When playing on consoles, you just popped the disc in to the console and that’s it. You can start playing. Just sit back, hold the controllers and enjoy the game right away. You can also move the console wherever you want as long you carry of your TV or if you have one of those portable gaming display like from Gaem’s Black Edition Vanguard, you can game wherever you want.



With its comfortability, it also have its downside. Nowadays, current gen console requires you to subscribe to its membership so you can access contents, play online with your friends, download some free games and get discounts to some game titles. Mind you, subscription isn’t cheap. It’s like you are paying for a full game as well ($60+ for 1 year subscription). Below are thecurrent subscription prices for both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles (Still haven’t scored other platforms besides these two).

Sony Playstation 4 PS Plus and Microsoft Xbox Live:

  • $59.99 for one year (up from $49.99)
  • $24.99 for three months (up from $17.99)
  • $9.99 for one month (no change in price)

Also, there’s this huge update or game patch that appears sometimes randomly. So if you have a slow internet speed, most probably you’ll have to wait a lil longer just to play your favorite game. Luckily, my area where we live offers a Fibr connection. Coming from 2.5Mbps to 50Mbps of both download and upload speeds, I say,  upgrade is definitely huge and been very helpful specially with the trending of having large file size to downloads for those updates.


Good thing for games, if you are short on budget, you still buy your favorite game at a lesser cost. There are some who buys brand new game then eventually sells it for almost half its original cost or for a hundred or two (in Philippine Peso) slashed on its original price. This way, many gamer who are on a budget can enjoy playing games without hurting their pocket. Once they are done playing it, they can either sell to to buy a new one or even trade it with other games they like. Some, like me, prefers keeping them for display purposes. Although most gamer prefers digital copy over the physical ones mainly for space saving. Downside of having digital copy, once you have decided you want to sell, it is hard to do since it is tied up to the gamer’s account. But, if you prefer to always buy a new one, price range typically costs for about 1,700 up to 3,000. Depending on the game.


On the other hand, PC gaming is far more complex than console gaming. From price standpoint, to where you want it to place, all those components to make it work and so on. Also, you must know what your build want to achieve. From playing games on a minimum requirement level or pushing all know boundaries and playing it on ultra settings. These all can achieved if you enough cash to burn. Some folks are contented on buying used PC parts instead of buying it at full price. That way, they can stretch their budget in order for them to complete all the necessary parts to build a gaming PC.

IMG_3781My set up from years ago. Just love staring at those boxes. lol

Upgrade in PC is sometimes inevitable. If you think your hardware cannot keep with the today’s demanding games, you can replace selected parts just to keep up with the current games. At times, GPU upgrade is what we need to play at max settings.  Some GPU cost almost the same with console. So better be sure what you really want to achieve. Gaming on different platform is a very expensive hobby indeed.

IMG_3763Me trying dual monitor set up while playing DOTA 2.

Subscription wise, this where I’m happy at most as a PC gamer. Comparing to my consoles, I’m not required for another $60 just to have access to online multiplayer. The I worry right now is the lag or latency or ping or whatever you want to call it. Always getting high ping as I play mostly with guys outside of my country. Good thing though, there are games that has a dedicated server or sometimes, just by having a good netcode is what we need for seamless online play.


Pricing of the games are relatively cheap compared to its console counterpart. But there are games as well, depending on the publisher, that are at par in terms of pricing with the console. I still prefer physical copy over digital as those game boxes look good for display. I usually buy digital copy if it is on sale. Unlike in console gaming where I can easily sell games that I didn’t like, here in PC, once you bought it and activated the key, there’s no turning back. You cannot resell it. Unless you will include the account where you activated it. That’s why I carefully choose the games I will buy. Sometimes, feedback from my friends and on the forums available., helps me a lot in deciding whether I should buy it or skip and look for other games to play.


This game for example, after number of months lurking, I finally bought it and up to now, still playing it because it is a very good game. I prefer getting FPS games on PC as it much easier to play with mouse and keyboard  over console controller.

Gaming on PC and console is a matter of choice and budget. Whether you like gaming on on a couch or sitting for straight number of hours while staring on those widescreen monitor, they are basically just the same. They put you into number of hours playing games and somewhat helps you forget how busy life can be. Regardless of age and status in life, many can still be hooked up playing in PC or console. It’s just a matter of preference. They may be an expensive hobby to maintain, but the satisfaction and happiness it brings is truly worth it.

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