Asus RoG Swift PG35VQ

With the recent announcement at Computex in Taiwan, I ask, could this be it? Could this be the ultrawide display that all PC lovers are finally waiting for? Taken from its predecessor, the PG348Q, a 34” diagonal across ultrwaide display, the PG35VQ ups the inch display to 35”. Native resolution still at 3440×1440 and aspect ratio is at 21:9. But it comes with a lot of improvement. The PG35VQ is now with native refresh rate of 200hz. Perfect for fast paced shooting games such as Overwatch and even CS:GO. Pairing it with G-Sync, you’ll get stutter and tearing free experience. Also, it now comes with High-Dynamic Range to conform with HDR10 standard for ultra clarity, more lively, vivid and wide-gamut color. This is very great addition not just for playing games, HDR is highly appreciated in movie watching and especially in productivity level. Price for PG35VQ is yet to be announced. But, I’m taking a wild guess that it will be priced not that far from the PG348Q.

Without a doubt, the next revolution of gaming monitor is coming.

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