SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 7 is the first wireless gaming headset I have used. I have almost dedicated my gaming life using wired headset. With all the wires surrounding my setup, sometimes, I hardly use my wired headset when gaming as those wires sometimes gets in way (using keyboard and mouse) and it also adds up to the weight of the headset.. Thanks to SteelSeries Artics 7, I’m now finally free from those tangling wires.

Let’s check on what’s inside of the box:


Artics 7 does have a pretty neat packaging. It will somewhat give you that premium feel. After all, Arctis 7 doesn’t come cheap. It retails for $150 but prices may vary depending on the country you are in.



Arctis 7 boast its lag-free wireless gaming headset. You’ll hear footsteps, explosions and even your teammate while speaking loud and clear. Once you start talking, you’ll hear more of the voice rather than the in-game sound.  It perfectly eliminates background noise so you can hear more. Although I have some concern at first with its built in mic on where it is positioned if someone is careless enough to pull the mic with brute force, it might damage the headset as well. But overall, I still like it due to the fact that If I’m not using it, I just push the mic to its place. Also, it doesn’t have the chance to be misplaced unlike my Kinston HyperX Cloud 2’s detachable mic.

USB receiver for wireless transmitter


The USB cable used for charging and 3.5mm jack for you to connect with your gaming console controller. Although there are claims that wireless connection will work as well with PS4 or Xbox One. Will try this one as soon as I hook this wireless beast to my consoles.


On the bottom part of the headset you’ll see:

  • Volume for in-game and mic
  • On/Off button
  • USB port for charging
  • 3.5mm port
  • Built-in mic
  • Wireless sync


The headset panel has Ski Google Headband  which eliminates pressure for long use and it is also adjustable to distribute evenly the weight of the headset. Although the Arctis 7 is already lightweight that sometime you’ll forget that you’re wearing it.



According to SteelSeries’, the ear cushion was inspired by the materials used in athletic clothings.  The soft  AirWeave ear cushions keep you cool, dry, and comfy for hours of gaming. Although in my experience, the fabric gives my ear warm and sweaty after a couple of hours use. I just wished that it also comes with an extra ear cushion. If you want one, it is currently being sold separately for $15 for the leather and velour.




*Long battery life

*Lightweight design



*No extra ear cushion for those not comfortable with the fabric

*Built-in mic

If you’re tired of organizing those pesky wires or it always gets in your way while gaming or just simply listening to your favorite music, the Artics 7 is really a nice upgrade for that wireless needs. The battery life while on full use of its features lasts for about 24 hours. All praises for this gaming headset.

‘Best Overall Gaming Headset of 2017 (Tom’s Guide)’ indeed.


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4 thoughts on “SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

  1. Paolo Emmanuelle I. Bautista June 25, 2017 — 9:13 am

    Great Review! Well explained.


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