PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUND™ (PUBG) is an FPS/3rd Person massive online multiplayer battle developed and published by Bluehole for Windows. But after E3, this game will also be available for the Xbox One. With over 4 million sold copies in just 3 months, this game is really something and promising.

The game’s mechanic is pretty simple. Live, Loot and Survive.

You’ll be dropped off together with other 99 players in an uncharted island with 8x8km size. As soon as you’ve reached the ground, it’s all or nothing. Total of 100 players will fight each other. You can form a squad, play with your favorite buddy for some duo run or you can just run solo and shout YOLO while firing those guns you’ve looted from every house you find. In the end, only 1 player shall remain and declared as ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.


TslGame_2017_06_24_02_42_43_219Oh my..

PUBG is available in Steam for P 759.95. It is still in early access stage so you might encounter some bugs, glitches and random crash to desktop problem. It is still unoptimized and can be considered as a resource hog game. Using a GTX 1080 on this, usage is consistently running on 100% while the CPU, an i7 7700k, is at 25% of usage  only. Temperatures are also fairly hot but still tolerable.


If you’re running on a ultrawide monitor, PUBG runs on a native 21:9 aspect ratio. No black bars to worry and you got that distinct advantage of seeing more of the terrain, enemies across the map or just wandering around and explore the map.


PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND’S™ is highly addictive and quite frustrating at times as it also features a permadeath where you in you only live once in a game. Once someone finishes you off, you can only try again by joining another server found in the lobby. Updates were continuously rolling out to further enhance the game due to being still in an early access stage. So you can expect more from it as the game progresses. With an average of 180,000 steam users playing this game everyday, you’ll certainly wouldn’t ran out of players to play with.

Hopefully, once PUBG is in its final form, we can expect more features, more contents and a whole lot of fun factor that comes with it.

You may refer to this link for system requirements and other info about PUBG.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!





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