Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake Is Coming! Set To Launch on August 21st

Coffee Lake is just around the corner so you may want to hold your horses (upgrade) for a little longer. Rumor says, it could shake up the Core i3 Family by going out of the usual 2 cores and instead, making it a quad core.

Also, another rumor says it will also push the current i5 and i7 family from quad-core to six-core respectively. With AMD’s Ryzen launched earlier this year, they finally gave Intel a run for its money and virtually every competitive comparison in terms of performance or price to performance ratio and attracting more users to switch and having to enjoy more core counts than Intel’s current processor line up. But, with the Coffee Lake’s impending launch later this year or possibly early next year, Intel ensures they can clear their inventory of existing parts and seeing this as a benefit for those who wants to upgrade coming from previous generations of Intel processor and for enthusiasts to pick up higher core of process on its own brand to oppose switching to their counterpart.

Overall, this brings their higher-core count to all especially those who heavily multitask and gamer as well. Also, this move by Intel will surely benefit the PC market as it brings a healthier competition.
Intel’ 8th Gen Coffee Lake is set to launch this August 21st and will be shown thru Facebook Live.


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