20K Budget PC Guide (Intel) version 2.0

The last recommendation we provide, we kinda think that some parts were unneccesary for that specific build. So we did go back to the drawing board and reshuffled our recommendations with a mix of PC parts that are sure budget friendly and within the 20K budget we have set.

Take a look at our 20K Budget Build (Intel) V2.0:

  • Intel Pentium G4560 – P 3,500
  • Asrock H110M DDR4 – P 3,100
  • Team Elite 4GB x 2 2133 DDR4 – P 2,600
  • Western Digital WD 1TB Blue – P 2,350
  • Seasonic ECO Series 400w – P 1,830
  • Palit GT 1030 – P 3,520
  • Tecware F3 Casing – P 1,600

Total cost of thus build is P 18,500. You still have a surplus cash of P 1,500. Alternatively, PCHub sells a Gainward GTX 950 for only P 4,480. This is  a very capable card and can run a few modern titles with a right mix of graphic settings. But be warned though, that this card is very limited in supply so call them first to confirm if they still have a stock.

This wraps up our 20K Budget Build (Intel) version 2.0. Next up is our AMD Ryzen Budget Build and we’ll see if we can also come up with a 20k budget build.

Thanks for reading! 

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