Best (Free) PC Games Available Today

So, you have a PC. Got some things loaded up aside from the usual productivity softwares you have installed, you feel that something is missing. Ahh.. some games! For sure, all of us loves to play games in PC even it might look complicated for others because of all the buttons or settings that we need to set before we can start playing. But the catch is, most games now has a price. And most of then won’t come that cheap.

But, good thing is, there are games that are available right now for FREE! So, without further ado, here’s a list of games that I’ve said, for FREE!



Originated from the Warcraft III mod, DOTA 2 is a strategy game and is a hugely popular MOBA. It is also one of the biggest e-sports title with know players around the world competing for a chunks of million dollars in cash prize.

The game is fairly simple. Pick a hero and battle it out against the opposing team using strategies to attack or even counter your enemies move. There plenty of heroes to choose from with different set of unique abilities and skills.

It is free for download on Steam and right now it has an average of 600,000 in-game players daily.



From the makers of the epic game, Gears of War franchis, Epic, they now venture in to the world of MOBA and created Paragorn. 10 players are divided into two teams. Each player assumes control of a Hero battling it out with other players, minions and towers.

Built using Unreal Engine 4, players can expect incredible-looking game and detailed maps. You can start playing Paragorn by signing up in Epic Game’s website.



World of Tanks or WoT for short is a massive multiplayer online game using Tanks. Yes. Players has a complete control of vehicle’s movement, weapons and upgrades and communicate with their teammates for strategies to win the war.

Sign up here and start playing World of Tanks.



16v16 first-person shooter game developed and pubished by Valve. Althought it was released 2007, Team Fortress 2 still regularly receives updates. It has an average in-game players of 40,000. Still a lot even if it was released almost a decade ago.

Team Fortress is available at Steam.



Choose a legend. Become a legend. That’s what Brawlhall is.  With 30 legends (heroes) to choose from and has it’s own unique movesets, signature abilitites among others to suit you sytle. Play with friends or with some random dudes and dudettes up to 8 players and fight it out for supremacy.

Brawlhall is available at Steam and it’s only 200mb in file size.

Bookmark this page and we will update it regularly for other worth mentioning free to play games.

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