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Looking for a budget gamepad for your PC? Redragon has one and it’s called Seymour.


Redragon has been on the market for quiet some time now. They are known for their affordable gaming peripherals such as mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, some RGB mouse pad, and their own line up of game pad as well.



Redragon’s packaging is pretty straight forward. No loud designs, no other gimmicks, just the basic things you need to know about the product. Just like Seymour’s packaging. Aside from its red box, you also get:

  • Seymour Gamepad
  • Manual
  • Disc Driver


If happen you’re also a console gamer, high chances you are familiar on how a game pad feels and looks.

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Redragon Seymour’s built is made of matte with plastic dominating majority of its body parts. It only weighs 299g and has resembled its design from an Xbox 360 controller. It’s a First Person Shooter friendly controller due to its ergonomic grip to ensure the ultimate amount of comfort even when using the controller for an extended period of time.


I also like how they placed the L2 and R2 buttons below the L1 and R1 buttons. You can firmly grip the controller without straining your hands while simultaneously pressing the either of the 4 top buttons.

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The analog stick build and quality reminds me of the Dual Shock 3 controller of Sony’s PlayStation 3. You might want to use a Grip-It, KontrolFreek or similar Controller grip product on the analog stick as it is somewhat becomes slippery overtime and are easily to chip off, not only the analog sticks but the body of the controller as well if you have a sweaty hands.

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If you’re expecting for a snappy feedback when you press the buttons, you might get disappointed with Seymour’s. It may also need an extra effort in pressing one. So, if you’re a buttons smasher, Seymour might not be suitable for you. L2/R2 buttons are not also soft enough and might give you a little problem during game time.


Redragon Seymour is detected as a ‘Generic USB Joystick’ and you need to ensure it is well calibrated and all buttons are functioning accordingly before you try gaming with it.


On this part, we had rough time making it work accurately. We even downloaded an Xbox 360 Controller Emulator software. Still, we couldn’t make it work.


We also tried manually inputting all the buttons according to its Xbox 360 Controller counterpart and also tried remapping the buttons automatically. After that, we tried playing some game. Still, the buttons are shuffled. There’s no other driver available for download aside for the vibration to work. As of this time, we are trying to contact Redragon for assistance so we can use the game pad properly.


If you’re in the market looking for a budget game controller, Redragon Seymour might fit the bill just right for you. It only costs P 490.00 or roughly $9.00.  It’s a good alternative and it will only cost you 30% of the usual price for an Xbox 360 Wired Controller. But, the downside is making the controller work properly without getting hassle on setting it up. It is easily detected by Windows (haven’t tried other OS for this matter) but the button configuration on this just consumes too much time.

To sum it up, if happen you bought this and make it worked, then you have a bang for the buck game controller for your PC. If happen you’re one of us who couldn’t still use the game pad, let’s wait for Redragon’s response and hopefully they can lead us to right path in making this controller work.

Until we can make this controller work and function as it should be, we give it a score of 2 out of 5!

UPDATE: We finally managed to have this controller work. It turns out we have a faulty controller. Fortunately, we have an extra Seymour on hand and it is now working perfectly.

Our final score for this product is 3 out of 5!



2 thoughts on “Redragon Seymour (Review) | The Friday Geek

  1. how did you make it work. mine is shuffled


  2. how did you make it work seriously?


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