NZXT unveils its first ever motherboard – NZXT N7 X370 ATX

Who would have thought that NZXT, a company known for manufacturing computer case will eventually venture in producing its own computer motherboard?

NZXT’s approach with their first ever motherboard is pretty much they’re just being NZXT. One of the N7’s features is having an integrated HUE RGB and GRID fan controller. The GRID fan controller alone will cost you for a roughly P 1,000 in some of the local stores here in the Philippines.

NZXT N7 X370 Key Features:

  • Supports AMD’s Ryzen Processors
  • Integrated HUE RGB and GRID Fan Controller
  • Steel plating for aesthetic (non-thermal dissipative material)
  • M.2 SSD compatible with its own cover
  • 15-phase digital VRM
  • 2x PCIe x16
  • RAM supports up to 3866 Mhz
  • Price rumor stands at $300

Another rumor is that, NZXT taps ECS as a supporting manufacturer to produce the N7 X370 Motherboard. Although no final confirmation if this is true. One way of another, we just have to wait for the updates to validate all these.

So, what’s next? Who (casing manufacturer) will follow NZXT’s path in venturing the motherboard scene? We will find out soon if NZXT becomes successful with this.

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