PUBG Goes Mobile – Available for iOS and Android devices.

The extremely popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is finally making its way into the mobile scene and it’s available for both iOS and Android platform. PUBG has made parterniship with Tencent Games, a Chinese video game company that is known to collaborate in producing highly notable mobile games such as Clash Of Clans, Crossfire, Arena of Valor and many more.

Mobile players will also get to experience PUBG just like its platform successors PC and Xbox One version. Players will pitted against with one another for total of 100 hopeful battle royale players in fight for the ultimate – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. A lot of optimization has been put into work to recreate PUBG for mobile such as as aim assist, auto-pickup of items and other on-screen controls to give players a smooth, fun and intuitive gaming experience.

This also set an advantage for PUBG over its close rival Fortnite, as the latter is only available right now for iOS devices. However, Fortnite is reportedly to have a cross-play feature that lets Xbox One, PC and Mobile versions to play with one another. Not to mention that it will also have cross-progression so you won’t be left out and can play on all platforms with your current progress intact. This is definitely something especially for players who are limited right now with mobile gaming but wants to play with their friends whether they play on PC and Xbox One. No words or rumors that PUBG will offer the same but, who knows, maybe in their next roll out of updates we get to finally play with our friends across all available platforms.

In order for PUBG to run smoothly on your iOS or Android device, it must have at least 2GB RAM. File size is set to 895MB. Also, it is recommended to update your devices to its latest software or firmware before playing PUBG mobile.

Can PUBG also pull off a success in mobile scene? Let’s find out.

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