Intel’s Coffee Lake budget boards are finally out! | The Friday Geek

The long wait is over for those who are still in the planning stage to build their PC using Intel’s platform but cannot do so due to high cost of Z-Series Motherboard.

Intel’s H370 and B360 chipsets, the more affordable motherboards for Intel’s 8th Generation line up of processors, are finally rolling out in respective stores across the globe. To give a short recap, chipsets beginning with Z are for enthusiasts who wants to maximize its performance and usually have very good overclock capability, can handle multiple GPUs, some has WiFi features and other premium functionalities. While H and B chipsets targets mainly the ‘mainstream’ users who are looking for an equal budget-performance ratio and for those who are looking for no-fuss but gets the job done motherboard without breaking their own savings account.

Take a look at the table below for detailed comparison on all 8th Gens Motherboard chipsets:


As of this time, only PCHub has revealed their line up and pricings of Intel’s H370 and B360 motherboards.


  • Gigabyte B360M HD3 mATX – P 4,950.00
  • Gigabyte B360M D3H mATX – P 5,600.00
  • Gigabyte B360 Aorus Gaming 3 ATX – P 6,440.00
  • MSI B360M Bazooka mATX – P 5,330.00
  • MSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon – P 8,550.00


  • Gigabyte H370M D3H mATX – P 6,670.00
  • Gigabyte H370 Aorus Gaming 3 ATX – P 8,070.00
  • Gigabyte H370 Aorus Gaming 3 WiFi ATX – P 8,280.00
  • Gigabyte H370N WiFi ITX – P 8,230.00
  • MSI H370 Gaming Pro Carbon ATX – P 10,000.00
  • MSI H370 Gaming Plus ATX – P 7,690.00

With this development, budget PC builders can finally build their Coffee Lake system whether be it for gaming or productivity purposes. A good example of this is, consumers who only targets i3-8100 processor but cannot proceed with their build because only Z370 were available at the time when Coffee Lake was released can now partner it with the B-Series motherboard and other budget parts available in the market.

So, plan ahead and enjoy building your budget Intel’s Coffee Lake system.

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