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Made by Bart Bonte, an independent game designer from Aalter, Belgium, whose fond in doing puzzle games that is made available for iOS and Android mobile phone users.


A puzzle game whose primary goal is to fill the screen with color – Yellow. Yep! 50 fun-filled and challenging levels all to test your patience, will and skills to analyze things and advance to every round.


Yellow is a pretty straight forward game. You just have to complete the puzzle by making the screen all Yellow. Pay attention to some of the in-game hints and tips to complete the puzzle. Also, there will be some slight button or should I say, screen smashing. So go easy on your mobile phone screens.

Yellow Puzzle
Looks easy, isn’t it?

If all your hair strands are gone and still can’t solve the puzzle, there’s a ‘hint’ button that you can always rely on. I did try finishing the game without asking for any ‘hint’ or help. But obviously, I did try so I can move on. *sigh* Oh, every time you ask for help, an ads will play. Unless you’re paying premium, you won’t see any ads of course.

Yellow Puzzle 1


No frills. Just soothing and relaxing music to calm your mind while finding ways to solve a puzzle. Wanna hear it? Click this link. It may contain game spoilers so proceed with caution.


Well, majority on the screen are Yellow.



If you love puzzle games, Yellow might be a perfect fit for you. All 50 levels are challenging and can be frustrating at times. But, you’ll definitely come back for more to finish the a level or even the game. It’s free and available on both App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices as well. It’s a no frill, no fuss game. Everyone will surely enjoy the game.

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I rate this game 4 out 5!

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