AMD’s next gen GPU to offer performance close to GTX 1080 / RX 64 for an affordable price | The Friday Geek

We’re already in the 2nd quarter of the year and yet we haven’t had a solid confirmation on what GPU makers are planning about their newest to be released. Although Nvidia softly confirmed their GTX 1180 or GTX 2080 for that matter, is targeted for Q3 2018 release, but still keeping mum about the architecture.


How about AMD? Well, report says that a new architecture they being called “Navi” is set to for 2019 release and could potentially replaced their current mainstream GPU which is the RX 580. Although no confirmation yet if this is already in the works but there are rumors that two “Navi” are being designed for desktop use (two for this actually) and one for mobile.


The “Navi” for desktop is plan to be released with a mix of power, performance and low power consumption but still within the sweet spot of $250 or roughly P 13,000.00 princing point. If this will be true when the time comes for its release, a GTX 1080 performance for a price of RX 480 (price back when it was first released) will surely benefit all gamers and even enthusiast out there. I’m still hoping that there will also be a separate GPU for miners so this full of potential GPU from AMD can greatly benefit all users espcially for those who are planning to upgrade their existing one. And of course, all of these wouldn’t matter if the price of high bandwith memory are still on their all time high and GPU companies will still have shortages thus resulting to higher GPU prices.


We will update this post if there will be confirmed developments regarding AMD’s next GPU architecture.


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