2nd Gen of Ryzen processors is finally out! | The Friday Geek

Last year, AMD finally gave its consumers a bang for the buck processors that caters not just gamer, but all types of consumers even up to enthusiast level with their high performing but relatively affordable Ryzen processors. And to top that, they finally gave Intel the run for their money and able to push them to innovate more and really made a way to for a more than quad-core generation.

game beyond.jpg

Today, AMD officially unveils their 2nd Generation of Ryzen processors starting of with Ryzens 2700x, 2700, 2600x and 2600. The Ryzen 2700x and 2700 processors still banners the 8 core and 16 threads with base clock of 3.7ghz with 4.3ghz boost clock for the 2700x. While the 2700 has 3.2ghz base clock and 4.1ghz boost clock.  The Ryzen 2600x and 2600 still dresses with their 6 core and 12 threads with base clock for 2600x stands at 3.ghz with 4.2ghz boost clock and the Ryzen 2600 has 3.4ghz base clock and 3.9ghz of boost. If you’re up to the challenge and want to push boundaries, Ryzens 2700x and 2600x offers more higher overclock headroom and somewhat better binned chips than their non-x brethren.

Although no pricing yet from our local shops were available for public display, but, basing on Amazon’s current pricing with Php 52.00 as ForEx rate. Pricing for the 2nd gen Ryzen processors are indicatively as follows:

  • Ryzen 7 2700X costs $329 or P 17,108.00
  • Ryzen 7 2700 costs $299 on Amazon or P 15,548.00
  • Ryzen 5 2600X costs $229 on Amazon or P 11,908.00
  • Ryzen 5 2600 costs $199 on Amazon or P 10,348.00

To make things sweet, AMD introduces and includes their new Wraith Prism cooler with the Ryzen 7 2700x. In which it features programmable RGB lights for the fan, logo, and fan cowling, as well as switchable performance modes. Wraith Prism is a custom unit built to spec by Cooler Master.


I’m sure you’re wondering if you can use your old X370, B350 or even the A320 AMD chipsets for that matter with 2nd Gen of Ryzen processors. Fortunately, all you have to do is to update your BIOS to their latest versions using their 1st Gen Ryzen processor. But if you’re out in the market and on a budget, you will be able to see compatible motherboards in stores clearly labeled with a ‘AMD Ryzen Desktop 2000 Ready’ sticker.

amd ready
Be sure on a lookout for this

Hopefully in the coming days, we will finally see on our local stores such a PCHub, Dynaquest, ayoscomputer and other notable stores with their respective line up on their shelves the much awaited 2nd generation or Ryzen processors.

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