Sky Force Reloaded Game Review [Nintendo Switch]

A classic shoot-em styled, collect em all and leveling up top-down scrolling game released on Nintendo Switch, made and published by Infinite Dreams (iDREAMS). A Poland based game developer for digital platform such as Android, iOS, and Windows based PC. iDREAMS is best known for their Sky Force Reloaded. An instant classic and highly recommended game made for all ages.


Sky Force Reloaded is a pretty much straight forward leveling up system game. Make your way through on each level as you try to accomplish multiple tasks to gain high score and unlock more difficulties to create another challenge for you to conquer. Collect stars from enemy ships’ fragments and make use of it to upgrade your ship and be ready for Boss Fights.

SFF Image 3


Sky Force Reloaded is beautifully done for Nintendo Switch. Players are treated with eye-pleasing graphic visuals that will surely add more fun on the already fun-filled but challenging game. Details are exceptional and compensates the action that the game brings to the table. Although there are times that I was confused on the main character’s ship, enemy ships, bullets and explosions happening on the same time due to different colors being displayed. So players must pay attention closely on what’s happening on the screen.

SFF Image 1


Sky Force Reloaded is a must have and must played game for Nintendo Switch. It promises to bring hours and hours of fun and challenges.  Need help? The game can be played by two.  Players can also revisit previous levels to beat current high score, complete left out tasks, or collect more stars for that much needed ship upgrade. The game is currently available on Nintendo e-Shop for $9.99. On the recently concluded e-Shop sale, Sky Force Reloaded was priced for only $6.85.

SFF Image 2

Sky Force Reloaded is also available on different digita platforms such as Android, iOS, PlaySation 4 and Xbox One.

2 thoughts on “Sky Force Reloaded Game Review [Nintendo Switch]

  1. Had a great time with this one. Still load it up and try to chase a new high score. Stay away from the Anniversary edition that recently released. Same game with a lot less content!

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    1. The game is frustrating at times but also rewarding once you’ve finished all sorts of level on a given stage. I keep going back to previous stages just to get those coveted completed stars. After all, rewards are great to keep the ship always updated! Happy gaming!


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